Discover the 10 Must Have Accessories to Take While Traveling

25 Feb 2017

Discover the 10 Must Have Accessories to Take While Traveling
Before you go on your next trip, there are a few essential items that you should think about packing. Here are 10 must-have accessories to take while traveling.

#1 – Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

If you need to catch a few hours of sleep on a boring ride, an eye mask and ear plugs will help.

#2 – Electrical Outlet Adapter


There are 12 major types of plugs in use around the world. With a universal adapter plug, you can keep your phone and electronics charged in any country without any hassle.

#3 – Bottled Water


Depending on where you’re going, bringing extra water could be a great idea. It will save you from having to spend a fortune on other beverages. Buy water bottle which will expand and collapse, this will occupy less space.

#4 – Antibacterial Wipes


Antibacterial wipes will keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of germs. A small pack should fit in your pocket.

#5 – A Deck of Cards


When you’re stuck on a long flight or bus ride with your family or friends, play a card game. If you’re traveling solo, you could play the same rummy game online.

#6 – A Book or Magazine


Books and magazines provide instant entertainment. Bring a couple of them along in your backpack or bag. You can also carry amazon kindle which is slick & weighs 7.5 ounces, can fit anywhere your travel bag.

#7 – A Map of the Region


A map is especially useful when backpacking. You can always rely on a paper map, as you don’t need a GPS signal or electricity. Most tourist places offer city/country map, do not hesitate to buy. This can save you alot of money and time as well.

#8 – Business Cards


If you lose your luggage or need to give your personal information, you can hand over a business card. The person taking your info will be less likely to misspell your name or address. If you do not have business cards, probably you can carry photo copy of Identity proof.

#9 – Portable Rain Poncho


We cannot predict nature, so it is better to be prepared for wet weather, by keeping a compact rain poncho in your pack. Look for nylon ponchos that fit into small pouches.

#10 – Color Photocopy of Your Passport

You’re more likely to get a quick replacement passport from the local embassy if you’ve got a color copy with all your personal details.

These 10 items should all fit in your carry-on bag or backpack. Consider bringing these accessories along on your next trip.



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