Book review: Into the realm of architecture and human behavior

NITN | @notintownlive | 29 Jun 2018

Book review: Into the realm of architecture and human behavior

'Architecture - Human Behavior' by Devi Prosad Mallik is about the 'role of user evaluation and environment behavior studies', penned with intent to help future architects.

Man is an integral part of the environment. Man influences and modifies nature and so does environment. If this unique connection is understood, it can simplify many difficult situations.

Designs, also has an influence on the behavior of humans; hence a good design can change human behavior and make them more positive and fulfilling.

A design selected by an architect may have the ability to say a lot about his or her environment and also about the structured buildings.

Mallik has used several case studies and quotes by famous personalities to make his point clear and valid. His special research has helped many young architects in the field of learning and has been applied by many to design buildings.

Students of architecture and other related subjects need to be sensitive to their surroundings so that they can initiate an interaction between human behavior, technology and beauty.

Mallik has also introduced the readers with a term called Environmental Psychology, an essential field in the modern times, which helps us to understand the basis for examining human behavior in relation to physical structures.

The final chapter of his research has quotation from important people, which can help readers.

This book is a valuable guide for architects as well as the curious interested to know more about the various angles of architecture.

Priced at Rs 500, readers can get copies from and

(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)