Get your book converted into an audiobook, graphic novel or film at this year’s International Kolkata Book Fair

NITN | @notintownlive | 05 Feb 2019

Get your book converted into an audiobook, graphic novel or film at this year’s International Kolkata Book Fair

Kolkata, Feb 5: At the Kolkata International Book Fair this year, many authors are enjoying a unique offer from Power Publishers, getting their book converted to an audiobook or a graphic novel or a film.

Power Publishers are not only present at the fair with their published books but also offering a range of services to authors.

These services can be grouped into four categories: publishing services, film services, writing services and art services.

Power Publishers, a hybrid-publishing company of India, with 1,600 published books, has been operating since January 2008.

The company has always given preference to first time and new authors to get their books published.

According to Pinaki Ghosh, the co-founder, there are many talented authors who go unnoticed because it is not easy to find a publisher to publish a book, especially if you are a first-time author.

Over the years, the company has been expanding their activities into new areas such as films, audiobooks and graphic novels.

This year, Power Publishers is back in the International Kolkata Book Fair with a range of services they offer.

Their publishing services include book to audiobook conversion, proofreading, language improvement, page-setup, book cover design, book printing, book promotion, video book trailer creation, book launch event organizing.

Any visitor to their stall can get any of these services for a book they have been planning, and can also get their books converted to audiobooks, the company said.

Visitors can can get your short story converted to a short film, or a novel to a web series.

If you are an independent filmmaker or YouTuber, or vlogger, they can become your back-end crew and help with post production of your videos and films.

If your book has potential to be a graphic novel or comic book, they can help adapt your book to a graphic novel because they have in their team some of the best graphic novel artists of India, like the Xong Brothers.

Power Publishers has also been providing writing services like biography writing, ghostwriting and screenplay writing for over a decade, with clients from 39 countries and 2100+ projects completed, according to the company.

Power Publishers is offering all these unique services in International Kolkata Book Fair 2019 from their stall number 9 in hall 1.

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