From Pillars to Roast: An interesting novel on life in college

31 May 2017

From Pillars to Roast: An interesting novel on life in college
Kolkata, May 31 (NITN): “From Pillars to Roast” by Rajesh Banerjee brings to light the importance of attending college and living in a hostel in the life of an individual, a time when as young adults they begin to explore life independently.

It is a genre that young adults easily relate to. Therefore it appears to be a popular theme for many authors.

The novel's protagonist, Ketan or Keti, has managed to get through to Swaminathan College in a BBA course. Both father and son are delighted with this achievement.

Hailing from a rural belt in Jharkhand, Ketan has to stay in a hostel in a big city.  He is awed by the vast scale of everything around him. He is also disturbed  by the prejudices that he faces because of his background.

As luck would have it, the top floor of Ketan's hostel offers accommodation for girls. On one hand, Keti and his friends, Ali and Arav, are excited by this and on the other, they are worried about being seen naked by the girls.

A large part of the book is devoted how it is impossible for Ketan to stay away from various incidents, good and bad.

On the very first night, a very hungry Ketan and his roommate, Ali, manage to create a ruckus in the canteen.

Then they successfully manage to antagonise the tea-seller in front of their college.

Ketan, with some help from friend Arav, manage to avoid getting ragged by the seniors on the first night in the hostel, which impresses Ali.

Next day, in their very first class, Ketan ends up antagonising his Business Management professor, Mr Sharma, with his wisecracks.

Prof. Sharma feels so insulted that he asks Ketan to take his lessons on business from Mr Ambani.

Within one day, Ketan is pulled up in front of the higher authority for misconduct.

Within the span of one chapter, the author establishes Ketan as a street-smart, big-mouthed yet lovable person, who will hook readers with his stupid bravery.

But again it is Ketan who saves  his nemesis, Prof. Sharma.

Another day, he is getting television coverage for preventing a bomb blast.

Ketan is an ambitious young man who wants to run a business of his own some day. And young readers are sure to see glimpses of themselves in this lovable fool.

The love story that Ketan shares with Kriti and the enmity that he is dragged into with Babban form the crux of the story.

These two relationships drag Ketan through myriad experiences that are at once funny and interesting.

Each of the chapters is followed by relevant advice that make the reading experience more fun.

All in all, this is book is worth a read.

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