River of Time: A collection of poems by Jeeja Ghosh

06 Jun 2017

River of Time: A collection of poems by Jeeja Ghosh
Kolkata, Jun 6 (NITN): 'River of Time' is not merely a collection of poems by social activist Jeeja Ghosh but an expression of her life's journey, sometimes her personal feelings, sometimes about people and incidents encountered over the years.

A bundle of energy, Ghosh has been an inspiration for many, especially those who think life has thrown them at a disadvantageous end.

Born with celebral palsy, Ghosh took life by the horns and tamed it. Today she is a busy social activist.

Ghosh is currently the head of Advocacy and Disability Studies in the Indian Institute of Celebral Palsy.

Jeeja Ghosh is a dreamer and a believer. She is a believer in equal rights for everyone.

The 'River of Time' published by Power Publishers resonates with her aim to reform society.

Rape, violation of human rights, atrocity on women and other social evils plaguing the society form the core idea of poems such as ‘Nirbhaya’, ‘Abandoned love’ and ‘Wheelchair’.

Poem such as ‘Intrigued’, ‘Ballad of a  Dark Room’ and ‘What if’ takes us through a quick journey across the poet's mind and the labyrinth of empowering thoughts and desires germinating in them.

The book's foreword by actor Sohini Sengupta lauds Ghosh and explains the poet's persona to the reader.

Writes Sengupta, “For Jeeja, life is a celebration. She has no time to be sad or depressed. This was a lesson I had learnt from her.”

Speaking for herself, Ghosh said that even though she spent her schooling years delving deep into the worlds of Wordsworth, Shelly and Keats, it is the worlds and essence of Rabindranath Tagore and his Gitanjali that has always struck a chord in her heart.

Today, Ghosh is an inspiration who is changing lives for better.

The book of poems has also been doing well.

Pinaki Ghosh, co-founder of Power Publishers, said, "Jeeja Ghosh is an entity that embodies courage and clear mind. It is a matter of great pride for me and my organization to have the chance to know her in person and be able to publish her book."

One of the poems of the book, ‘ Disfigured’ has featured in the Action Movies United Project of UNESCO .

Priced at Rs 125, the book is an asset that should be relished rather than simply read.

Readers can get their copies from power,,, and