Book Review: Sold Over Million

NITN | @notintownlive | 30 Dec 2017

Book Review: Sold Over Million

We have all dreamt of having enough money to do things when we want and how we want. But most dreams never become a reality.

It’s not easy to become rich and it’s also not that hard that people might think.

If you want to become a millionaire, you must first learn to think like one. One of the biggest distinctions between the rich and the not-so-rich is the difference in attitude when it comes to money.

The belief and the philosophies about money between the rich and the middle class aren’t just different, they are at extreme ends.

We say this in the context of Subrata Siddhanta’s book Sold Over Million, released by Power Publishers.

In this book, Siddhanta lays out the simple truth about the difference between the one percent and everyone else.

His book, Sold over Million, is at times overly simplified, but full of powerful truths.

A positive aspect of the book is the comparison between the mindset of the masses and the world-class thinkers.

Here, Robert Gomez has come to a point where all his desires have been fulfilled. He is a successful businessman whose life is a rags-to-riches story.

This story is about how the protagonist overcomes all the hurdles through sheer will power and tireless endeavour.

Power Publishers this time comes up with a very interesting concept that would surely seek the interest of the readers.

The writing is fresh, and acts as a great motivator for people who don’t take the patience pill!

The narrative is pacy, which is just what one expects out of a thriller.

So, if you are planning to start you new year with a nerve-pumping thriller, grab this book as it hits stores in January.

(Reviewed by Poonam Chatterjee)