7 Skills That Will Help Digital Marketers Increase Conversion

NITN | @notintownlive | 03 Jan 2018

7 Skills That Will Help Digital Marketers Increase Conversion

Digital marketers are experts in interaction with the customers in the online community. They adopt strategies that place huge importance on maintaining relations digitally rather than in person. The challenge comes when a lead is captured and has to be a conversion in from of a consumer. The journey from a lead to conversion requires digital marketers to be skilled at lot of things. Here is a list of seven such things thatevery digital marketer must hone to increase conversion on multiply conversion rate.

1. Analytics

Analytics are necessary to keep a track of how well a campaign or a strategy is working and what has been the conversion rate. The modern day digital marketers need to be specialists in analytics and data minded individuals. Analytical marketers leverage web behavior, purchase history, new interests, device management and many more to grow traffic and leads. Monitoring the standards give them an idea of the customers’ preference and adapt the casual routing instead of beating around the bush. Data should be on their mind and then! They would be the most sought after.

2. Data visualization

Images are easier to share and would continue to increase in popularity. The creative content and appearance of these images makes people want to share them. With the bite-sized media on the rise, digital marketers must be able to create and develop images that are eye catching and would be shared multiple times across the channels. With the shift in the data sharing patterns, images are shared maximum number of times than any other form of information available.

3. Technical skills

Possessing technical knowledge is a win-win situation for a digital marketer. They need to develop basic skills like coding, video production, video editing and many more to be up to date with the changing trends. This helps them understand the customers’ needs well and tweak in appropriate measures for customer satisfaction. Marketers who are competent in different areas can communicate well with the tech teams and make them understand what the customer wants. They make the vision clear of how to build things as per the customers’ demands and expectations.

4. Social media

Adding new networks to an already existing portfolio of social mediaplatforms helps digital marketers explore a different consumer segment and be a trendsetter rather a trend follower. This advocates improvement in the existing social media strategies and adapt to changes that are emerging on an everyday basis in the digital world. Keeping pace with the new apps to engage socially helps digital marketers to draw fine lines and expand their horizon of digital know-how. Social media works well if the strategies are right and up to date with modern trends and leveraging its cutting edge helps setting trends rather than following them.

5. Communication skills

Research says that nine out of ten times individuals reported job failure due to poor attitude or behavior. Pay attention to your communication skills and standards. Build a work relationship that is healthy and be good in expressing yourselves, but in a professional manner. A great digital marketer needs to understand that someday they might meet the consumer face to face and hence, maintaining a good relationship online is as significant as offline work relationships. How you respond to a consumer sets the foundation stone for a long-term relationship and loyalty.

6. Team work

According to a research, 57% of the marketers have a dedicated social media team. Social media teams would continue to increase and your ability to work with others is paramount. As the ROI is mostly attributed to social media, the justification is clear that they are not doing time pass and playing around. Teamwork plays a crucial role here as the ideas need to be brainstormed and then a strategy is formulated. ROI is attributed to each of the components and hence, the effectiveness id measured on this basis.

7. News jacking

Take advantage of fleeting marketing opportunities that only work in the digital environment. The digital marketer needs to be aware of the breaking news and pop culture. However relevant or irrelevant the news maybe, but staying up to date is extremely important for understanding the market. Being present allows the team to deal with any public relations crisis.


Digital marketers need to technology savvy, avid readers, information crunchers, numbers minded, analytical gurus and much more. With the increase in popularity and competition, they need to establish an extra edge, a unique side that attracts consumers and convert them into the long-term associates.


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