Gone Viral: Indonesian 'Rainbow Village' is the cynosure of netizen's eyes

Not In Town | @notintownlive | 03 Jun 2017

Gone Viral: Indonesian 'Rainbow Village' is the cynosure of netizen's eyes
New Delhi, Jun 3 (NITN): A shanty in central Indonesia is grabbing eyeball on the internet and all for the right (read bright) reasons.

The hillside slum, located in the Semarang city of the tourist nation has been popularly dubbed as the 'Rainbow Village'.

Reports said that the residents were so tired of the filth and melancholy in the shanty, that they used a makeover to turn it into a popular tourist destination.

Over 200 rooms received a makeover, as local resident, with aides from the government and private companies, picked up paintbrushes to spruce up the area (and spice up their lives).

The idea to turn the slum into a tourist hotspot was first pitched by Slamet Widodo, a teacher, as per a BBC report.

Happy with the turnout in recent days, the residents hope that it will improve their living standards.



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