Kolkata, Aug 18 (NITN): Airlines major Emirates will be operating extra flights to Jeddah to help facilitate travel for thousands of pilgrims this year heading to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Hajj. more
Tourism at a cost

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. But unbridled tourism has also created problems with growing resentment among local residents as well as allegations of d ...

No exposing legs or arms: Saudi Airlines lists new dress code for passengers

Riyadh, Aug 12 (NITN): One of the richest nation in the Gulf and perhaps in the world too, Saudi Arabia, which also ranks higher in terms of curtailing women rights, just laid out new rules ...

Canada 150: School of Flavours presents Taste of India food festival

Toronto, Aug 5 (NITN): To mark the 150th year of Canadian Confederation, School of Flavours is presenting a food festival, Akshar Pavilion Taste of India, in collaboration with Young Canadia ...

In doubt about visiting Jordan? Bollywood's Munna Michael will surely convince you to visit

Mumbai, Aug 1 (NITN): If you are still wondering if Jordan merits a visit, take a look at the recent Bollywood musical, Munna Michael.

PopCult to regale diners on Friday evening at Kolkata's Monkey Bar

Kolkata, Aug 1 (NITN): On Aug 4, PopCult,a young, eclectic band from Kolkata, will render unplugged versions of popular pop and old retro classics as part of the Live At Monkey programme hel ...

You come here for healing but this hospital, if you choose to call it so, does not scare you with the unnerving hospital smell, which is usually a combination of medicines, disinfectants, sickness and anxiety. Because here you come not just for immediate healing but to initiate a new lifestyle guided by the age-old Indian principles of healthy living.

Hipster, youthful, jazzy, functional and arty- citizenM Tower of London rising above the Tower Hill underground station is an interesting hotel for those with a moderate budget looking for a sleek urban stay in heart of London where hotel rooms are highly priced.