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NAMEG: The recommended destination for a...

NAMEG is an experience! It has to be explored—every nook and corner where surprises await. The artistically designed interiors form the perfect backdrop to all things handmade and handcrafted. Be assured of exclusivity! Each item displayed here has been individually handpicked and selected by three enterprising women Namita Dashora, Rupali Barua and Meghali Barua Lahiry. A few weeks more and it will be Christmas! It’s time to gift. Alongside festive celebrations the wedding season too has arrived and shopping for exclusives is desired.   NAMEG offers not only a wide selection of gifting ideas but a fabulous collection of sarees for every occasion plus there’s a wide choice of tops, kurtis, jewellery and bags.

Kolkata: Chapter 2 opens new outlet in S...

Kolkata: Kolkata’s retro dining restaurant has opened their all new boutique outlet at Southern Avenue, extending the nostalgia of a bygone era of the 1940s to 1970s to South Kolkata where Anglo Indian Food and Live Music culture was much revered.

It’s Diwali and there are many a t...

Diwali embodies the spirit of winning—the triumph of light over darkness. This year, the Diwali celebrations are all about tiding over the ravages of a pandemic which has crippled our economy and disintegrated our social lives. Amidst this gloom hope keeps us going…hope that the lights and fireworks of Diwali will spiritually uplift us and help us in killing the virus much like the execution of the ten-headed evil king Ravana! With that hope let us celebrate Diwali not only with lit diyas, new clothes, rangoli decorations and prayers, but also with feasting on our favourite Diwali sweets and desserts.

Women won't be totally free as long as p...

Kolkata: Barrister-writer-activist Cherie Blair in a virtual interactive session on Tuesday said women won't be totally free as long as prejudices against them persist.