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Hard Rock Café is rocking Kolkata...

A flight of stairs led me into the rich warm interiors as Bon Jovi greeted me with his Bed of Roses from the giant TV screen. This is how I was welcomed into the Hard Rock Café!

Happy tidings

Kolkata/NITN: Are you looking for some pocket friendly 'happy hours'? Here are six popular pubs and bars of Kolkata who have just the right offer for you.  

Where walls breathe art

Indian cities are not known for the walls of buildings transformed into art galleries as in the West. There is no Bansky yet in India where city walls are mostly usurped by politicians for flaunting their election posters. But one Kolkata neighbourhood recently showed the way, turning it into a graffiti hotspot. Photo journalist Avishek Mitra captures the change 

The lesser-known mouth-watering Turkish ...

When we think of Turkish sweets, the two most common names that come to our mind are Turkish delight and baklava. However, there are plenty of other desserts that come from different parts of Turkey and are extremely popular amongst locals & tourists. If you are a foodie and travelling to Turkey then it is imperative that you try these traditional sweets.

Sabka Club— A Place for Everyone

Sab ke liye Sabka Club! That’s the impression of this unique all-day, all-season food hub—a place for all to put their feet up! Sab Ka Club has innovatively explored its sprawling space to create a heterogeneous environment. Pratik Agarwal, brand owner, states, “Sabka Club is all about community culture inspired by the warmth and essence of this City of Joy which celebrates life.  An attempt has been made to capture the feel of Kolkata by using elements of architectural and interior design elements from a bygone era.”