SKillX Autumn 2017: An industry-academia initiative from JIS University

NITN | @notintownlive | 29 Nov 2017

SKillX Autumn 2017: An industry-academia initiative from JIS University

Kolkata, Nov 29, 2017: JIS University, under the aegis of JIS Group Educational Initiatives, had organized  SKillX Autumn 2017’, at its Agarpara campus, near Kolkata, recently.

This exhibition showcased several projects designed and devised by the university’s graduate and postgraduate students.

Through this platform a total of 160 projects were placed for evaluation by industry-academia juries.

Some of the projects showcased were Robotic Arm and Voice Command vehicle from Engineering and Technology department; Cell Membrane Bubble Lab by Biotechnology department, Automatic Piggy Bank by Physics lab, Sense-o-Light by Management department and Learning Management Process by Education Department.

The organisers said that SkillX Autumn 2017 is JIS University’s very own enterprise to combine hands-on training and skill development with theoretical academic pedagogy in the areas of science, engineering and technology, management, law, geology, education, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The programme was attended by Indranil Sarkar – Principal Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services and member of CII innovation sub-committee; Retd. Justice Pranab Chatterjee – Kolkata High Court, Simarpreet Singh – Director JIS Group, Amanjot Singh– Director JIS Group, Dr. T.K. Saha – Director, Affairs, JIS University and Prof. Bimal Chandra Mal, Vice-Chancellor,JIS University.

Bimal Chandra Mal, Vice Chancellor of JIS University, said, “The exclusive yet innovative exhibition at our campus was organized with an aim to propagate and JIS Group’s belief that practice is the basis of experiential learning amidst the industry. Through this initiative, we want to make sure that all projects showcased here gets the chance to attain industry recognition – now or in the future – and also provide advanced industry valuable insights.”

Judges who reviewed the projects were of the view that this initiative was a unique platform inspiring students to create, build and implement their learning through different projects and hands-on training.

Indranil Sarkar, while evaluating the projects said, “This initiative taken by JIS University will act as a stepping stone for the students in the arena of Research & Development as well as innovative thinking. I hope to be a part of such initiatives in the near future.”

Students from many schools and colleges visited the exhibition.