Ayurveda or Allopathy? Which One to Choose

NITN | @notintownlive | 02 Jan 2018

Ayurveda or Allopathy? Which One to Choose

Itis always a problematic choice, isn’t it? Choosing between Ayurveda and Allopathy to heal our illnesses. 

The ancient method of healing or the western world of medicines- it all comes down to us when we look for a way which ensures a healthy life. If you too find yourself constantly juggling between these choices, now is the moment to opt one. To help you make your decision on facts based entirely on the similarities and dissimilarities of Ayurveda and allopathy, we have listed out some of the important points to consider in such situation. 

From talking about their effectiveness and ways of healing to their side-effects and dangers, read all the points and make a decision to ensure a healthy life ahead.

Let us begin with their definitions first,and then we will move further:


Ayurveda: A Sanskrit word which means “The Knowledge of Life”, Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that originated around 5000 years ago. Ayurveda works in two ways – prevention and cure. It means that it works towards preventing a potential disease by strengthening our immunity and its curative components alleviates the illness leading to a healthy body. The ayurvedic medicine is prepared using the ingredients present in nature.

Allopathy:Allopathy is the gift of modern age. A western therapeutic method, it is a drug therapy based on three things – hypothesis, experimentation and then the result of the experimentation. The allopathic medicines are extracted from various drugs that can treat the ailments in a human body effectively.

Now let us see the similarities and dissimilarities to make a final comment

Similarities and Dissimilarities

S.No Ayurveda Allopathy
1. Ayurvedic medicines are prepared using natural plants and herbs. Allopathic medicines are prepared using chemicals.
2. It works slow but gives relief for a long-lasting time. It works fast and gives spontaneous but a short-lived relief.
3. Ayurveda has acure for almost all the health issues. Allopathy has not reached that stage where it can assert that it has acurefor all diseases.
4. Ayurvedic medicines are not tested on animals as they are purely made of natural ingredients and cannot bring extreme harm to the humans. Allopathic medicines are tested on animals in order tocheck their efficiency and worth. Since they are prepared from chemicals; they can lead to inefficient results and irreversible side effects on humans.
5. As stated earlier, ayurvedic medicines do not have harmful side-effects and are considered safe in almost all the cases. As stated earlier, ayurvedic medicines do not have harmful side-effects and are considered safe in almost all the cases.
6. Ayurvedic medicines are quite cheap,and some of them are even available at your home. Allopathic medicines are expensive as compared to ayurvedic ones.
7. Ayurvedic medicines are easily available in the market. Allopathic medicines are also easily available in the market.

Now that you have read the points, you can makea better choice. Whether it is Ayurveda or allopathy, both have their pros and cons. However, the main aim of these healing methods is the same. They were invented to cure the diseases and help us live a healthy life. Now, it is our job to choose the one that caters to our interests and requirements the most.

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Sounds great, doesn’t it? So,make a choice and be hale and hearty!