Anuragam Vatsa's latest book helps understand the philosophy of Bhagwad Gita

NITN | @notintownlive | 09 Sep 2017, 10:52 am

Anuragam Vatsa's latest book helps understand the philosophy of Bhagwad Gita
“Listen To Heart: Soulmate” written by Anuragam Vatsa is a book with a difference, a bridge between the difficult verses of Gita and the layman.

Getting proper guidance in life is very important for an all-round, holistic development and who can be a better teacher than Lord Krishna?

Reading Gita is not everybody’s cup of tea and yet there is so much to learn from this holy text.

Anuragam Vatsa discusses the various themes mentioned in the Gita in a very simplified and relatable manner.

The book is divided into several chapters and each chapter discusses a different topic from the Gita.

Let’s talk about the very first chapter in the book.

Valentine’s Day has become an inseparable part of popular culture these days. And yet, hardly any of us know the real story behind the origin of this all-important day.

So the first chapter is dedicated to a discussion on love and Valentine’s Day and its significance. Are we celebrating this day in the right spirit? Is love only about going out with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The first chapter discusses all these and then connects these concepts to the teachings of Gita. A new perspective would open up from this discussion and yet the tone of the discussion isn’t very philosophical.

Written like a light-hearted conversation between two friends, reading the entire book feels just like that—as if the reader is having an easy conversation with the author.

Another nice and surprising discussion in this book is a phenomenon called nervous nineties.

Cricketers the world over often fail to score a hundred and they lose their wicket after they reach the nineties. It is a wonder that a phenomenon like this can be discussed in the context of Gita!  Yet this discussion has turned out to be nice and really insightful.

There are several other topics that have been discussed very interestingly. For example, in one chapter, the protagonist is talking about acceptance. The discussion explains in a very simple way how keeping an open mind and an open heart can make our lives more peaceful, meaningful, and adventurous.

This book definitely opens up a new vista of thinking for the readers.

In today’s world, we are always running after our goals and this relentless striving is making us lose touch with our inner selves.

In such situations, it is a blessing to have a mentor who can teach us to calm down and be analytical because that way we can become more effective and more productive.

This book does a very good job of discussing the various teachings of Gita and get in touch with some spiritual concepts.

Especially for the kids, this book would be very highly recommended. The simple approach, the easy-to-grasp explanations would definitely make the children think about their surroundings in a deeper way.

(Reviewed by Priya Das)

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