Book review: Kalo Chakti Sada Kolom, a veteran musician's autobiography in Bengali

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Book review: Kalo Chakti Sada Kolom, a veteran musician's autobiography in Bengali

“Kalo Chakti Sada Kolom” is the autobiography of musician and artist, Subroto Bhattacharya, written in the format of an interview, where the author himself is asking the questions and answering them too.

It isn’t everyday that we get to have a sneak peek into the life of a musician and it is only when unconventional men like Bhattacharya decide to share their stories with us that we get the privilege of knowing and understanding artists like him.

Celebrities are being interviewed all the time by the media, but there are people who stay in the background, whose expert support makes the celebrities who they are.

It isn’t very often that we get to hear about such background musicians and technicians.

The lives of these background musicians are just as fascinating and awe-inspiring as the stories of the celebrities who come to the forefront.

So, in the very beginning of the review, I would like to thank Subrata Bhattacharya for deciding to share his story with the world.

The author hails from an illustrious family, whose members have left their individual marks in their chosen fields.

His grandfather and father were acclaimed musicians but the author says that he was never focused enough to carry on with his musical training, though he was just as talented as his family members.

The early demise of his father left a vacuum in his life that interfered with his all-round growth and emotional stability.

He was so disturbed by certain circumstances in life that he dropped out of school after the eighth grade.

But bookish knowledge is not what makes a man educated and that’s what happened with Bhattacharya as well.

Life taught him the most vital lessons and soon he started finding his way in life.

His life is filled with extraordinary achievements.

And as he shares his journey with us, we get to learn about some wonderful and unthinkable incidents about some of the most loved artists in India.

The author talks expansively about the legendary musician and singer, Salil Choudhury. His experiences with veteran artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Laxmikant, and other stalwarts  make for an exciting read.

As the story continues, we realise that true passion and talent will always find its way in the world.

True artists are born unconventional; their minds will never work in the expected ways and that is why they always manage to stand out from the crowd.

Apart from the story itself, the format of the book is what makes the book so riveting.

The author asks all the relevant questions at the right time and we get the most interesting answers from the author himself—again the mark of an unconventional mind at work.

(Reviewed by Priya Das)

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